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October 21, 2004 Meeting

Final Meeting Agenda:

9:00 AM z/VM and zSeries Server Update
z/VM Version 5.1 is now available and "Open for Business". This session will focus on the October 7, 2004 zSeries product announcements. New features and functions were announced for the z890 and z990 servers along with corresponding support in z/VM V5.1 that will be delivered in the coming months. This session will also provide a more detailed perspective of future z/VM enhancements.

For the best in on demand computing, demand z/VM!

The speaker will be Mr. Reed Mullen of the IBM Corporation. -- Download Handout
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Linux on z/VM: Configuration Guidelines
Linux and z/VM are different technologies. There are right ways and wrong ways to combine these technologies on a single system. The speaker will present the latest configuration and infrastructure guidelines for maximizing your potential performance for Linux running under z/VM.
The speaker will be Mr. Barton Robinson, President of Velocity Software.
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Administration and Vendor Announcements
1:45 PM Linux Update
The speaker will present a brief update of recent developments in the Linux under z/VM area.
The speaker will be Mr. James Savoie of the IBM Corporation. -- Download Handout
2:00 PM Novell: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server empowers businesses to leverage Linux and open source by delivering a scalable high performance foundation for secure enterprise computing. Built for reliability, it offers comprehensive functionality to power today's networks and meet user demands. Why choose Novell for Linux? See how Novell makes Linux viable for the enterprise.
The speaker will be Mr. Tony Kubinski of Novell, Inc. -- Download Handout
3:15 PM Coffee Break
3:30 PM VM Advanced Network Services: A New Reference Architecture Proposal for VM TCP Services
Over the last decade or so, VM TCP/IP has gotten some new function, but overall, the state of the VM TCP/IP implementation is essentially one that has been overtaken by the explosion of the Internet into popular culture. With the coming of Linux, and the need for re-architecting the IP services provided for CMS to face a more hostile environment than the Internet of 1988, a new way of deploying and configuring IP services on VM is needed. What this presentation attempts to do is present an internal Sine Nomine research proposal for a new VM TCP/IP architecture that provides a refreshed and updated implementation of the existing network services, new functions to improve the state of VM's network capabilities, and to ease the integration and deployment of Linux systems in server farms.

We'll cover the proposal for the new architecture, point out how it uses some of the latest function in z/VM to dramatically simplify creating a set of Linux "building blocks" for server farm development on a new VM instance, and spend some time discussing how this approach can benefit classic CMS shops as well as new VM users.

The speaker will be Mr. Scott Courtney of Sine Nomine Associates.
4:45 PM Free-for-All
Members will attempt to answer any reasonable VM or hardware related questions. If you are having a problem and want to find out if others are experiencing it, or you are installing new hardware or software and want to find out what types of problems others have experienced, here is the place to find out.
5:45 PM Semi-Annual CAVMEN Reunion
We will be holding the now SEMI-ANNUAL (by popular demand) gathering of current and former CAVMEN members after the regular meeting.

We will once again meet at The Portofino Italian Bistro in Vernon Hills. It is located off of Route 60, just West of Milwaukee Avenue (Route 21), approximately six miles from our meeting location. Cocktails, Appetizers, and dinner will be available.

Click here to see Portofino's WEB site, which contains a map, and menu information. Please note that the directional indicators on the bottom of their map are incorrect. As you view the map, North is toward the top.

If you are driving a long distance, there is a hotel within walking distance of Portofino's. The Hawthorn Suites Limited, 975 Lakeview Pkwy, Vernon Hills, IL 60061-1442, (847) 367-8031.

If you plan to attend the reunion at Portofino's, please send an E-Mail to CAVMEN@comcast.net so that we can anticipate the turnout.

Mark your calendar now!

Members are encouraged to bring ideas for future presentations and speakers to this meeting.

Meeting Location:

This quarter's meeting will be held at the Hewitt Associates 'East Campus' located at 100 Half Day Road, in Lincolnshire, IL. We will meet in the Lower Level Conference Room in Building 98.

If you have not attended a meeting at this location before, or you are not familiar with the area, Click here for additional information on directions, maps, lodging and dining.