CAVMEN - Chicago Area
                      VM (and Linux) Enthusiasts

Alan Altmark presents the VM/ESA Platform
Update in January of 1999

How to Join CAVMEN

Meeting attendance is open to everyone.

We maintain a meeting notification list of E-Mail addresses, in order to send out reminder notices prior to each meeting. This list may also be used to send out last minute notification of meeting or agenda changes, or any other information that the coordinators deem appropriate. It will NOT be sold or used for any marketing purposes. Being included on this list identifies you as a member of CAVMEN.

We also maintain a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers for all of the member sites, which may be used by members to contact each other if necessary. This list is maintained by the group Coordinators and is not available to vendors or anyone outside of the group.

Meeting notification is sent via E-Mail, approximately one month prior, two weeks prior, and one week prior to each meeting.

To be placed on the E-Mail notification list, send an E-Mail to jslavick4@comcast.net.

That E-Mail should contain your company name, company address, your name, your phone, and your E-Mail id. Also, if you are the principal contact for your company, please identify yourself as such. The subject line should include the words 'CAVMEN Notifications'.

We will be happy to send notifications to multiple people within your organization.