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June 17, 2004 Meeting

Final Meeting Agenda:

9:00 AM A Beginner's Guide to Measuring and Understanding z/VM Guest Performance
Whether performance is good or bad, it is important that installations running Linux under z/VM understand the key factors that influence the performance of guests on a z/VM system. This presentation will look at the key resources (storage, processor, and I/O) and illustrate, using the Performance Toolkit for VM, how to identify when these resources are over-committed. Options for reducing contention for these resources will also be discussed.
The speaker will be Mr. Chuck Morse of the IBM Corporation.
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM z/VM Security and Integrity
Current VM customers are familiar with the isolation/security/integrity features that z/VM provides. However, many customers running Linux on IBM zSeries processors for the first time are new to the world of Virtualization and seek assurance not only that multiple Linux servers can share hardware resources efficiently and in a scalable manner, but also comply with organizational security mandates. This presentation is an overview of the security and integrity characteristics of the VM operating system when used to host virtual Linux servers on IBM zSeries or S/390 servers.
The speaker will be Mr. Alan Altmark of the IBM Corporation.
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Administration and Vendor Announcements
1:45 PM Linux Update
The speaker will present a brief update of recent developments in the Linux under z/VM area.
The speaker will be Mr. James Savoie of the IBM Corporation.
2:00 PM Virtual Networking with z/VM Guest LANs
Did you know that you can create a LAN connecting your z/VM guests without installing new adapters or running ethernet cables? Come to this session to hear the latest on how to use virtual OSA Express QDIO and zSeries HiperSocket adapters to connect a network of z/VM guests.
The speaker will be Mr. Alan Altmark of the IBM Corporation.
3:15 PM Coffee Break
3:30 PM How to use Linux on zSeries to Integrate SNA and IP Solutions
Communications Server on Linux for zSeries and xSeries provides solutions for networks and branch environments that contain an aging SNA infrastructure. Especially well suited for the Financial Services Sector, these Linux solutions are important for all customers who wish to simplify their network infrastructure to a single IP network transporting both their SNA and IP applications. The recent announcement on the 3745/3746 left many wondering when IBM will terminate service on this product. Similarly, the OS/2 product in the branch office environment is nearing its end of life and this adds to the concern. The CS on Linux offering implements Enterprise Extender (EE) both on xSeries and zSeries. This permits significant network infrastructure simplification with EE being used to carry SNA traffic between the Branch and the Data Center utilizing the latest technology in IP networks.
The speaker will be Mr. Alfred Christensen of the IBM Corporation. -- Download Handout
4:45 PM Free-for-All
Members will attempt to answer any reasonable VM or hardware related questions. If you are having a problem and want to find out if others are experiencing it, or you are installing new hardware or software and want to find out what types of problems others have experienced, here is the place to find out.
Members are encouraged to bring ideas for future presentations and speakers to this meeting.

Directions, Map, Lodging and Dining:

This meeting will be held at Hewitt Associates in Lincolnshire.

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