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January 16, 2014 Meeting

Meeting Agenda:

9:00 AM Linux Storage Measurement
Linux storage is the number one issue today. Even when z/VM 6.3 becomes available there will still be a need for an understanding of what is happening inside Linux. In zVPS v4.2, there are 40 NEW LINUX system storage metrics, and 10 new process storage metrics to work with in addition to everything that was there before, now there is a real possibility to understand what's happening. And NO, there can never be enough metrics.
The speaker will be Barton Robinson, Chief Architect, Velocity Software, Inc.
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10:15 AM Coffee Break
10:30 AM What's new in VM and Linux Performance Reporting with ZVPS 4.2
Recent hardware enhancements and continuing growth of Linux on System z workloads have resulted in a LOT of customer requirements. ZVPS 4.2 is about to be released with many new functions to respond to these requirements and support the growing needs. New features include application metrics, processor cache metrics, and more Linux storage metrics. This presentation will discuss the problems, how they are addressed, why they are important, and who will benefit from the new information.
The speaker will be Barton Robinson, Chief Architect, Velocity Software, Inc.
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11:45 PM Lunch Break
12:45 PM Administration and Vendor Announcements
1:00 PM Linux on Z Update
The session will present a brief update of recent developments in the Linux under z/VM area.
The speaker will be Paul Augustyniak of the IBM Corporation, Linux on System z New Workload Leader, North America IOT.
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1:30 PM Big Data analytics through Hadoop on System z Linux
Learn how Hadoop on System z Linux can lower processing costs while maintaining security and governance policies for your enterprise data. Gain new insights from your data residing on System z without offloading to distributed servers and appliances. vStorm Enterprise, with Hadoop for System z Linux, will help you end the mainframe quarantine and stop costly complex server and appliance sprawl. Also, Veristorm is one of IBMs recent First-in-the Enterprise (FIE) System zBC12 customers. As an added bonus, Veristorm will discuss their zBC12 experience.
The speakers will be Mike Combs, VP of Marketing, Veristorm
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2:45 PM Coffee Break and Prize Drawing
3:15 PM SUSE on System z: Roadmap and High Availability
Part 1: What's new with SLES on System z? Where is it headed? Get the latest scoop on lifecycle, current status, and what's coming soon from SUSE for System z customers
Part 2: High Availability with SLES on System z: Get started with designing and building an HA environment with SLES for System z. The tools are there for you to create something awesome. We will discuss active/passive, active/active/and automated failover scenarios specifically with System z in mind. Demonstration will follow our discussion.
The speaker will be Don Vosburg, Sales Engineer, SUSE Linux.
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4:30 PM Free-for-All
Members will attempt to answer any reasonable VM or hardware related questions. If you are having a problem and want to find out if others are experiencing it, or you are installing new hardware or software and want to find out what types of problems others have experienced, here is the place to find out.
Members are encouraged to bring ideas for future presentations and speakers to this meeting.

Meeting Location:

This quarter's meeting will be held at a different AON Hewitt location. It will be held at the 4 Overlook Point location on the west side of Lincolnshire.

For details on that site, Click here for additional information on directions, maps, lodging and dining.


We are fortunate to have refreshments and lunch sponsored by Velocity Software and Vicom Infinity this quarter. We would like to request a count of expected attendees by the Monday before the meeting to assist in planning appropriately. If you are planning to attend, PLEASE send an E-Mail by that date to dmoyer@lakecountyil.gov with a subject line of "Meeting Attendance". (Note - The SEND TO email address is not an actual link. Please cut and paste the address. Thanks, Dave.)

This request is meant to be a planning aid and should not be interpreted as either a registration or attendance requirement. Attendance is always encouraged and appreciated regardless. Also, it is only necessary to respond once regarding meeting attendance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.