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January 22, 2004 Meeting

Meeting Agenda:

9:00 AM Performance Considerations for Linux Guests on z/VM
Everyone knows the answer to any VM performance question is "It Depends". I've recently extended that saying to "With Linux, It Depends Even More". This session will cover the basics on how to set up your VM system for better Linux performance. It will also describe some of the capabilities of z/VM for managing and controling those Linux images. Topics will include definitions of performance, various monitoring approaches, and resources (Processor, Memory, I/O).
The speaker will be Mr. Bill Bitner of the IBM Corporation.
Bill Bitner is a Senior Software Engineer in the IBM Systems Group, Endicott, NY. He joined IBM in 1985 after receiving a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. Bill has worked on performance in various areas of VM and currently leads the VM Performance team. Through his involvement with several user groups, Bill has developed an appreciation for customer needs and requirements, particularly in the area of the VM monitor and performance management. In 1990 he was awarded an Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for his contributions to VM Performance. In 1997, he became a champion in the Order of the Knights of VM. Bill loves his job and is thankful for the opportunity to help others while learning from them at the same time.
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM Performance Toolkit for VM
Another performance product for z/VM was introduced as a priced feature with z/VM V4R4. It is the Performance Toolkit for VM. The Toolkit is the strategic VM product for monitoring performance on VM systems. This session will compare and contrast the Toolkit with the products it is replacing. The basic structure and setup will be described. In addition, various features will be covered: real time processing, post processing, Linux guests, web interface, etc. A brief demo will be included.
The speaker will be Mr. Bill Bitner of the IBM Corporation.
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Administration and Vendor Announcements
1:45 PM Linux Update
The speaker will present a brief overview of recent developments in the Linux under z/VM area.
The speaker will be Mr. James Savoie of the IBM Corporation.
2:00 PM z/VM Installation - What Are You Afraid of?
This session is aimed toward the new z/VM customer installing an unmodified z/VM for any purpose (Linux, guest operating systems, CMS applications). The speaker will cover the z/VM ordering process, installation, PSP buckets, service, and initial configuration. Learn just how good IBM's installation DOC is and how simple the entire process is. Learn things best done to your new system BEFORE users and applications become dependent upon it.
The speaker will be Mr. Michael Walter of Hewitt Associates.
3:30 PM Coffee Break
3:45 PM z/VM Installation - It's Installed, NOW What?
Your brand new z/VM system has been loaded from tape, the installation and initial service and configuration have been completed. Now what? Learn things that "everyone does" but which may not be especially well documented. Learn what NOT to do. This session will briefly cover the CP Directory, CP Owned DASD, the SYSTEM CONFIG file, Minidisks vs. Shared File System, backup and restore techniques, what you need to document "just in case", typical "best practices" in z/VM administration, and more.
The speaker will be Mr. Michael Walter of Hewitt Associates.
4:30 PM Free-for-All
Members will attempt to answer any reasonable VM or hardware related questions. If you are having a problem and want to find out if others are experiencing it, or you are installing new hardware or software and want to find out what types of problems others have experienced, here is the place to find out.
Members are encouraged to bring ideas for future presentations and speakers to this meeting.

Directions, Map, Lodging and Dining:

This meeting will be held at Hewitt Associates in Lincolnshire.

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