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Aerial Map and Directions to Meeting

This quarter's meeting will be held at the Hewitt Associates 'West Campus' at Four Overlook Point in the Lincolnshire Corporate Center.

  • Exit I-94 at Half Day Road (Route 22).
  • Go West on Route 22 to Milwaukee Avenue (Route 21).
  • Turn left (South) on Route 21.
  • Continue South .4 of a mile to Tower Parkway, and turn right.
    Tower Parkway is the third traffic signal South of Route 22.
  • On Tower Parkway, continue just past the "A" Building and turn right into the parking area.

See "Four Overlook Point Parking Map" below.

Attendees are asked to use the entrance on the West side of the "A" Building. Signs should be posted directing attendees to this entrance. You will need to display a photo ID (a driver's license is fine), sign in, be issued a temporary security badge, and then be escorted to the meeting room.

The meeting will be held in Room 'AOM3', Four Overlook Point, Building A, Room OM3.


Traffic in the area is HEAVILY CONGESTED from 07:00-09:30, and again from about 16:00-19:00 on work days. Please remember to add an extra 20 minutes to go from I-94 past the East Campus, to the West Campus.

Click on the words Driving Directions for detailed driving directions to the 4 Overlook Point complex from I-94.

Click on the words Four Overlook Point Parking Map for a detailed map of the building and parking area.

Click on the words Area Map for a more detailed map (not to scale) of the area, including lodging and restaurants.

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