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Directions, Map, Lodging, and Restaurants

This month's meeting will be held at the Hewitt Associates 'East Campus' located at 100 Half Day Road, in Lincolnshire, IL.

Enter from Illinois Route 22, and follow the signs to the '98 Building Visitor Parking' area. The visitor parking area is limited in size. If it is filled, you may park in any available space in the lot.


Traffic on Illinois Route 22 (Half Day Road) is HEAVILY CONGESTED from 07:00-09:30, and again from about 16:00-19:00 on work days. If you are commuting from anywhere not immediately across from the Hewitt entrance, plan at LEAST a 30 minute drive if you are using Route 22.

For additional information:

Click on the words General Directions for a Google map to get general directions to the Hewitt East Campus facilities.

Click on the words East Campus Parking for a detailed map of the East Campus buildings and the wooded parking area.

Click on the words Area Map for a more detailed map (not to scale) of the area, including lodging and restaurants.

Click on the word Lodging for information on hotels in the area.

Click on the word Dining for information on restaurants in the area.