CAVMEN - Chicago Area
                      VM (and Linux) Enthusiasts

April 17, 2003
20th Anniversary Meeting

Meeting Agenda:

9:00 AM ShopzSeries - A new approach to ordering zSeries software
Tired of delays in placing your zSeries software orders? Looking for an easier alternative? Well, look no further! ShopzSeries is a Web-based eBusiness solution which allows you to configure and submit zSeries software orders over the Internet. ShopzSeries supports ordering software for z/OS, z/OS.e, OS/390, z/VM, VM/ESA, and VSE/ESA. Since it is a self-service tool, it can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend ordering software. In this session, the lead ShopzSeries Web designer will explain all of the features of ShopzSeries and show you how this new eBusiness solution can improve your productivity by simplifying and expediting the ordering process for zSeries software.
The speaker will be Mr. Alex Feinberg of the IBM corporation.
10:30 AM Coffee Break
11:00 AM VM Service Ordering
Susan will provide an overview of VM service ordering, with a focus on RSU and Preventive Service Planning buckets. We will look at the IBM Tech Support Web site and some of the ServiceLink ordering steps and panels.
The speaker will be Ms. Susan Baloga of the IBM Corporation.
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM Administration and Vendor Announcements
1:45 PM Linux on zSeries: Ready for the Enterprise.
Mr. Savoie will give an update on IBM offerings for Linux on zSeries. He will also address systems management for the z/VM and Linux environment. - Topics that are important to every zSeries shop, in any phase from pilot to production, with Linux applications.
The speaker will be Mr. James Savoie of the IBM Corporation.
3:15 PM Coffee Break
3:30 PM CAVMEN Award Presentation
4:00 PM Free-for-All
Members will attempt to answer any reasonable VM or hardware related questions. If you are having a problem and want to find out if others are experiencing it, or you are installing new hardware or software and want to find out what types of problems others have experienced, here is the place to find out.
4:30 PM CAVMEN 20th Anniversary Celebration
Members are encouraged to bring ideas for future presentations and speakers to this meeting.

Directions, Map, Lodging and Dining:

This meeting will be held at Hewitt Associates in Lincolnshire.

For Directions, Map, Lodging and Dining, click here.