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Directions, Map, Lodging, and Restaurants

This month's meeting will be held in Building A at the Aon Hewitt 'West Campus' located at 4 Overlook Point, Lincolnshire, IL.

Please note that this is a new site. Below you will find all the information you need about this site.

We'll be meeting in 4OPA-1N-M3 (i.e. 4 Overlook Point, Building A, 1st Floor, North Wing, Meeting Room: M3). It's close to the cafeteria and restrooms, too. Click on the words Building A North Wing for a detailed floor plan illustrating where the meeting room is.

Please take note that we have been moved from Meeting Room M1 to Meeting Room M3! It is just slightly further down the hallway from where we met last time.

You will need to display a photo ID (a driver's license is fine), sign in, be issued a temporary security badge, and then be escorted to the meeting room.


If you already know where the 4 Overlook Point complex is located, you may skip down and click on the "4 Overlook Point" hyperlink to see where to park and enter the building. You can also click on the "Building A North Wing Floor Plan" hyperlink to locate the meeting room.

Click on the words Chicago Metropolitan Area to see a map showing the relative locations of the meeting site, O'Hare Airport, and downtown Chicago. This is for meeting attendees that are traveling here from out of state and are not familiar with the Chicago area.

Click on the words Driving Directions for detailed driving directions to the 4 Overlook Point complex from I-94.

Click on the words Aerial Map for an aerial map of the region showing the path from I-94 to the 4 Overlook Point complex via Route 22(Half Day Road), Route 21(Milwaukee Avenue), and Tower Parkway.  Follow the red arrows.  CAVMEN parking indicated in blue. There is second map with the complex enlarged with CAVMEN parking indicated in yellow.

Click on the words 4 Overlook Point for a diagram of the buildings and parking lots of the 4 Overlook Point complex plus street level images of the path to the Building A entrance once you have turned onto Tower Parkway. CAVMEN attendees should park in one of the circled lots as indicated in the diagram. Use ONLY the entrance to Building A as indicated. Signs should be posted directing attendees to this entrance. If you enter anywhere but Building A you will be directed to exit the building at the entrance you are currently at and go to the Building A entrance.

Click on the words Building A North Wing Floor Plan for a floor plan showing the location of the meeting room and restrooms. The meeting room is identified as "A1M3" in the floor plan.


Click on the words Area Map for a more detailed map (not to scale) of the area, including lodging and restaurants.

Click on the word Lodging for information on hotels in the area.

Click on the word Dining for information on restaurants in the area.